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Group of guitars using Mbrace Stand

Attach It Like This...

  1. Using a 5/32 allen wrench, adjust the angle of your Mbrace to suit your playing style.
  2. Attach the Mbrace to any tripod microphone stand. Screw in tightly.
  3. Feed the strap through the two holes as shown. The end closest to the buckle always points to the headstock.
  4. While carefully cradling the instrument, attach the strap to your electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. Mbrace Stand also works on some handheld keyboards.
  5. While supporting the instrument's weight, pull the loose end of the strap tightly to secure the instrument to your Mbrace.
6 gutiars on Mbrace Stands

The MBrace is temporarily out of production. You can still view specifications and info by browsing our site. Thank You.