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The Mbrace is used by Santana, Rush, Walk Off The Earth, The Doobie Brothers, and thousands of others you may not have heard of... yet!


The Mbrace guitar support system allows easy onstage use of a second instrument by holding your acoustic or electric in its playing position. The unit attaches to your mic stand and also features cushions to prevent marring of the instrument's finish.

-Guitar Player, October 2000

Performers who use more than one guitar in the same song can now mount their stand-by ax to a standard microphone stand. The Mbrace attaches to any guitar equipped with two strap buttons, and it holds the instrument in playing position so that it's easy to make the switch.

-Acoustic Guitarist, March 2000

The dealer can use Mbrace to display any guitar on sale. It can hold electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, and can be switched to accomodate left-handed models as well.

-Music Retailer, December 2000


The Mbrace works. It's easy to use, gentle on my instruments, fits them all, stands up to road abuse, and best of all, it lets me switch instruments during a song without a struggle. These guys thought of everything!

The Mbrace makes it possible for me to switch instruments instantly. No gymnastics. No missed entrances. No damaged instruments.

-Dan Sorenson, bass and guitar for The Mollys

As a solo bass performer, the Mbrace Support System has become an invaluable tool for live performances. The Mbrace allows me to switch, seamlessly, between fretted and fretless basses. I will often lay down a number of loops on the fretted bass and switch to the fretless for melodies and solos. The Mbrace has made that transition elegantly simple and efficient. The fact is that the Mbrace is light, compact, easily transportable, versatile and is an added bonus that pays huge dividends during travel, and load-in and load-out. Thank you for developing such an innovative and useful product.

-Mike Dimin, solo bassist, author of The Chordal Approach

Mbrace is also endorsed by Scott Ambush, bassist for Spyro Gyra


The MBrace is temporarily out of production. You can still view specifications and info by browsing our site. Thank You.